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~ Editor This place is busy with men from about 10 am until 5 pm every single day.There are tons of guys that hang out here, trust me, you will not be disappointed.The booths have a good selection of porn videos to scroll through and I blew two nuts in fifteen minutes just flipping channels. This place could be totally awesome but as it is it leaves much to be desired. I found the bathrooms were where the food court is.I'll go back this Friday and see if its any better. There is so much attitude they should rename the place Snob Hill Theatre. Down a long hallway and into a semi dirty bathroom. I stood there for another minute and knew something was up.Hopefully new ownership will do things to attract a better and younger crowd. After watching him for a few minutes, I had to go for about 15 minutes. The club has strict rules for safe sex, no alcohol, drugs, must wear closed shoes — no flip flops or sandals. Will go back but want to suck several nice cocks next time. Renovated and renamed "Sweet 300" several years ago and now more modern and comfortable than the former Majixxx Video. I've tried Tuesday and Wednesday and found a broader mix of guys, not just aging queens.When I returned I saw the jerker leaving, but I went in anyway. There is a lot of room to play including an outdoor patio. No cologne is allowed and cell phones must be turned off and checked in. New entrance at the rear of the building, so no more walk of shame along busy Montreal Road to enter and exit. And slightly mellower attitudes, although it's always very much a body-judging market with young and/or fit guys having an advantage. Went to the porn area and cock-worshipped an older Asian dude with a hard, uncut beauty; no cum.

They do have lockers but you must bring your own lock. Club does not accept credit cards so be prepared to pay cash! Went to the steam room and sucked and swallowed an older Black dude and his meaty cock.

People use this spot for fishing and sometimes families come by to enjoy the view so please be respectful. Went on a Friday night around pm and the place was a little dead.

Paid ten dollars for the movie area, which is for about an hour.

Paradise has a good spread-out layout, with ten booths in the back, two private booths off the side of the main hallway where the 179 videos playing are on display and app... After he was hard, I slid my pants off and bent over the benches for him. As far as cleanliness, to me the dirtier the better. Maybe like the Editor says, let's try another park. We set up a date when the weather is better and I left. I now pass here on the way to and from work and see during lunchtime and usually just after 5 it seems to have a good amount of cars in the parking lot, so it must be hopping.

I love to see sperm either wet and fresh or dry stains. Went here today, was pleasantly surprised to see the jersey barriers removed and new guard rails installed. Went around 7 pm-ish last week and there were two other guys in the booths. So I kept to myself and had my big white dick out of my pants just jerkin' it to the semi-okay porn that was being played.

This morning it took me less than five minutes after I parked to get a nice wet mouth on my cock. Park close to the New Mexico license plate cars or guys with cowboy hats. I am usually there around am - 6 am and being very lucky. What is up with looking through the crack in the door to get a peak of what goes on in the booths? That is the extent of the action most of these guys get! One big-dicked Black guy wanted me to give him money to blow him. He gave me two loads in the mouth then a load up my ass. So I sat there for another few minutes and then saw the guy jerking off in front of my stall door.

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