Russian dating scams tourist visa

A lot of scammers will not use their own photos, they steal the photos of girls from legitimate ads on free local Russian websites where most single Russian women post their profile.

So checking if your girl is listed on “anti-scam” websites where they list “known” scammers might not work for you. You must be an American citizen, you have to provide a proof that you had met her in person, and you will have to show your income taxes for the past 3 years, and your adjusted gross income has to be 20K a year or more since they require that you sign an affidavit of support for her for the 90 days that the Fiance visa is good for.

Ukrainian women are not much different from Russian women but too many of them (particularly younger and more beautiful ones) are involved in mail order bride industry scam.

There are good ones as well as bad apples in both Russia and Ukraine. You will have to travel to Russia or Ukraine before bringing a woman here in order to qualify for the K-1 (fiancee visa). most men who do marry successfully spend between K and K. be realistic in your expectations when searching for Russian women.

I went through this here in the USA so I know every detail of bringing a Russian girl here, but in your country immigration laws most likely would be different and you will have to find out what they are. I would say that no matter how you go about it, if you do everything right you will spend in the area of K to K to find, get to know, meet in person at least a couple of times and bring your fiance to your country (and it will be worth every penny! If you do this on your own and learn as you go, then only God knows how much you’re gonna spend on scammers, crooked agencies, pro-daters, multible trips to Ukraine, etc. Most of my clients come to me already after they had spent (read wasted) K to K and the worst part is that they are still “single and looking” on top of “frustrated” and “disillusioned”. If you are just starting your search you can save yourself a small fortune and years of frustration by using some one like me to guide you.

How much you will spend also depends on your location.

Keep in mind that prices vary greatly between, say Moscow, Russia and Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.

Email scams are probably the most prevalent method of Russian scammers. Other times they contact you out of the blue via direct email.The cost of accommodations, transportation, food and entertaining your prospective ladies while in Russia, and off course immigration application fees. This may vary, but on average it takes about 6 months.If you do not submit all the paperwork correctly, it may take a lot longer.One of the only ways she can come here is by YOU initiating a fiance visa (K-1) process.In order to be eligible for that you will first have to travel to Russia to meet your girl and have a proof of that for the Department of Homeland Security.And the "Russian woman" who writes you later won't usually be the pictures on this profile.

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