Internet dating too fast

Sure, I had business contacts, family friends, church friends, etc., but every other guy was the possible "one". Getting Honest With Myself I had to get honest with myself and for the first time in my life, give my total desire of a relationship over to God. I had to be willing to build friendships with the opposite sex no matter where that friendship might lead.

I let friends set me up, tried a dating club, attending a zillion single adult events, and almost put an ad in the paper. As time went on and I became stronger in my relationship with God, dating seemed to slow down. I had to learn to love from the inside out versus the outside in. Our Past Influences Our Present We are so influenced by our environment and the way we are raised.

It is through friendship that we learn to encourage, hold each other accountable, support, help, and ultimately love.

: I believe when you "date," you shouldn't be romantic until you believe God has led you to someone you could marry.

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You never know who that person might become in your life.Friends The Bible speaks about friendship over 200 times, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of examples of how to treat others. Don't you want the person you may fall in love with to be your best friend?It is through our friendship with God that we learn how to be friends with others. You know, I have never heard a married person say to me "Oh, I just hated that six months I spent developing my friendship with my spouse." It is through friendship that we find out about each others' dreams, our walk with God, how we spend our money and how we treat our friends and family.Some of the single adults not only were having sex within a few dates, they were talking to each other as if they had been dating each other for months.No one seemed interested in building a friendship, a foundation of trust, love and care.If God isn't first, then everything in your life is headed for disaster – You will never know what His best is if you don't know Him. Christ gives us our direction, our purpose, and our focus.

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