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Being very short and slim, the possibility to personalize the purchase allowed me to save a lot of weight and choosing the colors was quite fun. Disclaimer: I f**king love this quilt, I have been using it on the PCT for two months now. Every time I move around I get fapped in the face by the excess hanging out...Now for the rant: literally the only reason I chose to write this is to bring to light a possible design improvement. when it's nice and cool and I keep it fully loose, the plastic toggle weighs down a bit and bonks my noggin..when it's cold as sh**, and I cinch it up nice and tight - there's a bunch of excess cord flopping around right in my face getting caught when I twist and turn.When it’s warm, open the zippered footbox completely and use this quilt like a blanket.Build your Revelation to meet your performance needs, without carrying any unnecessary weight. My sleeping style is primarily on my stomach with a fair amount of rolling, and this quilt was super rooming completely strapped and closed for a couple chilly 25 degree Fahrenheit nights.Or, you can pick one of EE's other models that has a fully closed toe box.In general, if shaving weight is not your primary objective, then always get a bag 10-20 degrees colder than what you think you need. Returning to hiking/camping scene after near 30yr interlude, I had the luxury to re-equip my armoury basically from scratch with high-end gear.

I plan to take my 10 degree Revelation instead of my sleeping bag when I go back this year. I've been using my Revelation for almost a year and it is probably the most comfortable insulation in my inventory.

We topped out at 15,100 feet above sea level and it was COLD.

I've always used traditional sleeping bags in the past, so this was a risk, but I gave it a shot and I have to report that this product exceeded my expectations.

I was comfortable regardless of the temperature and stayed warm and slept great.

Well done on designing a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do! I have only used this quilt a few times in pretty mild weather, high 40s low 50s but I loved it.

Its a minor complaint I know, but certainly one worth consideration, you'd think it could be moved to one side or split in two like the bottom (on the zippered toebox versions).

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