Beautiful smart women intimidating

We’re ridiculously funny with great senses of humor.

Being with a really funny woman can be intimidating for a guy.

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Because of this, we often have rocky dating lives and we end up wondering why being so awesome isn’t enough to find a great guy.

We need diversity and mental stimulation to stay engaged with a date/in a relationship, and that’s not always something every guy can provide.

Moreover, a lot of guys want a girlfriend who doesn’t require lots of work on an emotional level. We can take care of ourselves and we make it known.

We need a guy who can use his brain, not just a hot body for sex.

He might be sexy and great in bed, but at the end of the day, this will never be enough to make things work between us.

We need to know that we can have an intelligent conversation with him from time to time and that he actually gets what we’re talking about. A guy that neglects our emotional needs, talks in a demeaning way about women, or refuses to open up will never be relationship material for us.

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